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05.01.2019 - Artikel

For short stays (less than 90 days )


A Schengen Visa can be issued for travels within all Schengen countries for a maximum stay of 90 days within a period of 6 months. If you intend to stay in Germany for more than 90 days or would like to take up employment or establish a professional business in Germany, you have to apply for a National visa.

Click here to find out whether you require a Visa to enter Germany:


The visa application has to be presented to the Embassy/Consulate of the country which is your main travel destination (determined by the purpose of the journey and the length/number of days of stay in each Schengen country) . If your main destination cannot be ascertained, the Schengen Country through which you first enter the Schengen territory is responsible for processing the visa application. The German Embassy in Muscat is processing all visa applications for travelers with the main travel destination Germany or Iceland .

This means that the information provided on this website is relevant only if Germany or Iceland is your main destination and if you are residing permanently in Oman.

Omani students presently studying and residing abroad ( e.g. UK, USA,  etc). need to apply for their Schengen visa at the German Embassy in their country of residence and not in Muscat.

Until further notice the Embassy in Muscat is also processing visa applications from applicants with residence in Yemen .

Applicants holding  a Yemeni Passport please follow the new regulations in force  regarding recognition of Yemeni passports to enter Germany ( see Information leaflet below).

The Embassy wishes to inform that all visa applications for Schengen Visas (e.g. for tourism, medical , visiting family or friends, business) for travels to Germany and  Iceland are to be submitted to the Joint  Visa Application Centre VFS Global in Al-Khuwair, Muscat Grand Mall, Tilal Complex with prior appointment made through the VFS Global Website.

For further Information on the application procedure , on how to book an appointment and on how to reach VFS Global  are available on the following Website:

Please bear in mind that the visa processing time for Omani nationals is a minimum of three to five working days from the moment your application arrives at the Embassy until your passport can be given back to you. For other nationals, the procedure might take up to two weeks. During this time, neither the Embassy nor the Visa Application Centre can provide any information on the status of your application. Please make sure to apply in time for your visa in order ensure that your application can be processed in time for your planned travel!

Use of the services provided by VFS Global is on a voluntary basis. In order to avoid waiting times for an available appointment, long queues at the Embassy and to make sure that your visa application is complete and can be processed without any delay, we advise you to benefit from the Visa Application Centre  – VFS Global . However, applicants who wish to file their application at the Embassy can book an appointment with the Visa Department of the Embassy by email. Please note that the number of available appointments directly at the Embassy is limited - waiting periods of up to several weeks can occur. To book an appointment directly with the Embassy please send an email to the German Embassy at visa@mask.diplo.de subject: Appointment Schengen Visa and state your full names , passport number , travel Dates and travel purpose for all travellers. The Embassy is unable to respond to individual appointment requests via telephone.

OFFICIAL PASSPORTS (Diplomatic, Service an Special passports)

The bilateral Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Sultanate of Oman on mutual exemption from visa requirements for holders of biometric Diplomatic, Special and Service passports authorizes visa-free travel to Germany for holders of biometric official Omani passports.

Holders of biometric official passports are exempted from the visa requirement for a maximum stay of 90 days within a period of six months. For a stay of more than 90 days or in order to take up employment a visa is still needed. The bilateral agreement does not automatically include free travel within other Schengen countries. Holders of official passports wishing to enter or transit through other Schengen countries are advised to seek relevant information from theses countries´ diplomatic or consular missions. Holders of non-biometric official passports are not exempted and have to obtain a Schengen-Visa to enter Germany.

Which documents are required?

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